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Beechwood management offers various types of services in Information Technology Sectors.

Our qualified and experienced professionals can help businesses sustain and be successful in areas such as:

Complete IT solutions


Whether your business has 1 employee or 1000, BFMS can help you manage today's challenges and plan for the future with fully integrated end-to-end IT and network infrastructure support provided by the qualified highly motivated experienced staffs.

"BFMS Engage IT with the minimum cost and best quality."

BFMS Engage IT provides businesses with access to one of the most comprehensive IT services portfolios in the market.

Additionally, as part of the BT Group, we are able to offer a truly integrated suite of IT services to assist in the advice, design, deployment and support of IT requirements to meet client's business needs.

We supply industry leading Solutions, Services, and Supply to UK business. This includes Help desks, hardware maintenance, staging and configuration, application delivery, high availability data and data back-up and managed print services. Our comprehensive portfolio of offerings includes consultancy, Unified Communications, and managed ICT services.

Our insight and capabilities enable clients to leverage and grow their businesses in an increasingly complex and dynamic market.


Domains & web hosting

Domain registration, web hosting & ecommerce packages to help your business get online, grow online and sell online.

Provide Dynamic website to run your business process, Flash animations, JAVA, PHP, ASP.NET and all other platform to suite your needs.


Computer Maintenance

Networking Design & Support

We design, build, install and support networks for small and medium-sized businesses and home networks. We also repair, upgrade and maintain our clients' networks.

ADSL Broadband & Wireless Networking

Business and Home ADSL Broadband provision and setup. ADSL sharing, firewall protection and wireless networking.

Anti-Virus and Security

Hardware Solutions

Our services are delivered by qualified and experienced engineers, ensuring that your systems are running effectively and efficiently.

We configure systems tailored to our clients' needs in which the hardware components and the software running them are fully compatible. Our one stop solution means that we will resolve any problems that may arise, avoiding the nightmare scenario of a hardware supplier blaming a problem on the software and the software supplier claiming the fault lies somewhere with the

Computer Sales & Installation

Fast, stable and quiet computers built to order. Essential system pre-configuration, including latest updates from software vendors, application software, automated maintenance and data backup operations.

Computer Repairs & Upgrades

Problem solving, hardware & software upgrades, repairs, full operating system and applications re-installation & configuration, data backup & migration.


Data Input Services

Data input services, a division of Beechwood Financial Management, is the pioneer in providing innovative, scalable and cost effective data processing and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services.

We offer a complete array of data entry and business process outsourcing solutions. Data Input Services has processes tailored to specific industry needs such as the medical, insurance, publishing, litigation support, retail, Accounting, Finance and travel industries. Reason why Data Input Services' clients depend on us for consistently accurate, reliable and timely performance in the delivery of our services.

Our existing capacity is a key component in providing fully scalable solutions Fluctuations in your normal business cycle will no longer have a negative impact on your company's operation. Data Input Services removes the variables inherent to changes in your document volume and replaces them with a fixed cost solution.

Our services are designed to allow you to focus your company's resources where they belong - growing your business! By incorporating Data Input Services as part of your business plan you reduce your company's investment in expensive and time-consuming non-core business requirements. Such expenses as the hiring and training of staff to process back office operations, acquiring technology, maintaining and upgrading hardware and the burden of physical location overhead are eliminated.

With the BPO, our Finance, IT , Training and Web authoring division can provide one stop shop for all your business needs.


Customer Service Made Easy With BFMS Projects & Tickets

Without the right tools, providing great customer service can be a seriously difficult task for any small business. Even big organisations rely on a lot of help from technology so that they can keep track of all the help requests that they receive from customers. Without it, they would soon become hopelessly lost in a deluge of phone calls, faxes and emails.

The same problem occurs for small businesses, except on a much smaller scale. The reason that it is still such an issue for them is that they often simply do not have enough staff to cope with their support demands. Time management and delegation, alongside the right software, is the key to successful small business customer service.

Unfortunately, the majority of helpdesk software is overly expensive for a small business. BFM’s brand new Projects & Tickets software is an affordable option for businesses that want all of the functionality of all the major helpdesk solutions, but for a fraction of the cost.

As soon as you begin to use our software, communication with your customers will be more streamlined than ever. You can respond to tickets directly to the email address of the customer, or by discussing it internally and privately with other members of staff and working together to find a solution.

Working collaboratively with staff will also be simpler than before. It is possible to schedule projects for your staff online, even if you are in a different country to them. Projects can also be broken down into small tasks to make it more manageable on a step-by-step basis.

Regular customers will immediately notice how much your support process improves. It will instantly become more efficient and streamlined. Always remember that providing excellent personalised customer service is one of the few advantages that a small business has over a large competitor.

BFMS’s all new Projects & Tickets Software will make it easier than ever to provide great customer service to your clients.


Statistical research solutions

To access in-depth analysis of a range of industry markets, including the global drug markets, high-interest topics in disease therapy, epidemiological trends, and healthcare systems on a country-by-country basis our experts can support you.

Our research reports contain the latest analysis and insights from the industry to provide you with full decision-making support across a number of areas.

Each report can be purchased on a standalone basis or delivered with all other reports relevant to a particular area by delivering a comprehensive, tailor-made intelligence package that satisfies all of your needs.